Everyone’s Heading to Brooklyn

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The Brooklyn Navy Yard that is….

Following in the ever so fashionable footsteps of Alexander Wang, none other than the house of Christian Dior will be showing their 2015 Cruise Collection at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on May 7th. You may remember that Wang chose to show his AW14 Collection at the Navy Yard this past February, to mixed reactions from fashion insiders.  Some felt that the commute to the Navy Yard was too far away and the transportation situation (in heels no less) was a hassle.  As stylist Ann Caruso was quoted saying at the time,  ”I don’t even go over to Brooklyn to visit my good friend.”

Dior, has taken great pains to combat these issues.  For their show they’ll be providing car service to a ferry that will shuttle guests directly from Manhattan (picking up at 34th & FDR Drive) to the Navy Yard and back. Specific instructions will accompany the invitations so that no confusion arises (wishful thinking!).

We at AMP3 PR are thrilled to hear about all of these luxury fashion houses that are heading to the Brooklyn Navy Yard if for no other reason than because we did it first.  You heard that right, last Fall we planned and executed our client Cat Footwear’s SS14 fashion show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, specifically at the Kings County Distillery at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  For transportation we provided old fashion trolley service to and from the venue. Yes, we knew about the hidden gem that is Brooklyn first, and our event went spectacularly well with a fashion show held outside under the stars and the pre-and-post show party held inside the beautiful distillery with a DJ spinning and whiskey tastings for everyone.

If you’re interested in a New York PR Agency to handle your next Fashion PR Campaign or produce your next event, please contact AMP3 PR at 646-827-9594 or email us at info@amp3pr.com.

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NYC’s Most Iconic Pizzerias

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New York City is known for many things, but of those things one of the most famous is the New York Style pizza and every year Eater hosts a pizza week, complete with a pizza bracket, to determine the best pizza in NYC.  This years Pizza Week took place a few weeks back and at the time, Eater published their list of the 25 Most Iconic Pizzerias in the city.  It was such a drool worthy and informative list, that we thought we’d share it with you here.  Here we go!

1. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery: Artichoke is the most popular new slice parlor of the last decade. The signature Artichoke pizza — basically a party dip on an ultra-thick crust — is not for everyone, but the Sicilian slice, with its crispy edges and supple mozzarella crown, will appease the pizza purists.

2. Co.: Jim Lahey’s pizzas have chewy crusts with blistered edges, and he uses toppings that are fresher than what you’ll find at most neighborhood pizza parlors. The spinach-topped Popeye is the must-order dish here, but also consider the flambé pizza or the cauliflower pie.

3. Di Fara Pizza: Dom DeMarco is the most legendary pizzaiolo in New York, if not the entire country. His pies are topped with a three cheese blend, snips of fresh basil, and a thin layer of olive oil. The typical Di Fara experience involves confusion at the cash register and a long wait for your food, but the sight of Dom fussing and fiddling with his pizzas usually makes up for the hassle.

4. Franny’s: All of the rustic, wood-fired pizzas at Franny’s are worth a try, but the clam pie is the knock-out dish at Andrew Feinberg and Francine Stephens’s cozy restaurant. It is quite possibly New York’s best clam pizza.

5. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria: Grimaldi’s serves consistently tasty thin crust pizzas, which are baked in a coal oven.

6. Joe and Pat’s Pizzeria: This 54-year-old Staten island pizzeria serves extra-wide, super-thin pizzas topped with big patches of melted fresh mozzarella. The slices have no “bones” to speak of, and you can eat many of them before you start to feel full. The proprietor’s son, A.J. Pappalardo, opened a sister restaurant on Mulberry Street, Rubirosa, which offers this same style of pizza.

7. Joe’s Pizza: As many food writers and pizza nerds have noted over the last few decades, Joe’s Pizza serves the quintessential New York slice. The crust is thin and crisp, with even layers of cheese and tomato sauce, and, notably, Joe’s keeps the quality up with every single pie at all hours of the day. This is where you want to take out-of-towners to give them a first taste of a real New York City slice.

8. John’s of Bleecker Street: Like Totonno’s, this 85-year-old restaurant serves coal-oven fired pizzas that have thin, light brown crusts, but the pies here are profusely topped with sauce and cheese. There’s artistry in the composition, but you do not need to analyze this pie to enjoy it — it’s immediately satisfying.

9. L&B Spumoni Gardens: The L & B square slice has a dense, slightly sweet crust that’s faintly reminiscent of a biscuit. The dough is first topped with mozzarella then tomato sauce and a thin layer of Pecorino-Romano. If you’re a fan of airy Neapolitan-style pizzas or crispy corner slices, you might not dig this slice. But it’s a unique pizza that’s beloved by generations of Brooklynites, and the outdoor patio is one of the most charming pizzeria spaces in this city.

10. Lee’s Tavern serves the classic bar pie — a small, wafer-thin pizza that is intended for one diner to consume with a pint of beer.

11. Lombardi’s Coal Oven Pizza: Lombardi’s is not the best coal oven pizzeria in New York City, but it is the oldest, and the pizzas do not disappoint.

12. Louie & Ernie’s Pizza: Head to this venerable Bronx Italian restaurant for gracefully topped thin crust pizzas. The white pizza is a customer favorite, but Eater Slice guru Adam Kuban recommends the sausage-topped pie.

13. Lucali: Lucali is the neighborhood pizzeria that you wish you had in your neighborhood. At this intimate Carroll Gardens restaurant, Mark Iacono makes thin-crust pizzas topped with a three cheese blend (fresh and imported Mozzarella, plus Grana Padano) and fresh basil. Lucali is a great choice for a cheap date.

14. Motorino: Mathieu Palombino and his crew have earned raves for their fluffy Neapolitan-style pizzas at Motorino. The Brussels sprouts pie and the soppresata pizza are standouts.

15. New Park Pizzeria: This beloved, no-frills Howard Beach pizzeria serves gooey slices dressed with a slightly sweet tomato sauce. The pies are baked in a brick oven, and the crust has more depth of flavor than your typical corner slice.

16. Nunzio’s Pizzeria & Restaurant: This Staten Island pizzeria serves Neapolitan-style slices, square pieces, and thick pizzas with an over-abundance of toppings. Nunzio’s has been around in one form or another since the 1940′s.

17. Otto Enoteca Pizzeria: Mario Batali’s wildly popular Greenwich Village pizzeria employs an unusual pizza-making technique, wherein the pies start on the griddle and are finished in the broiler. It’s not one of the city’s most dynamic crusts, but the toppings are fresh and applied with skill, and the price point is still shockingly low. Otto serves one of the city’s great clam pies, as well as a terrific lardo and rosemary-topped pizza.

18. Patsy’s Pizza: Opened in 1933, the original location of Patsy’s is the only old school coal oven pizzeria in New York that offers pizza by the slice. The sauce and mozzarella are both fairly bland but the crust is the softest and most glove-like of all the coal-oven places, and if you close your eyes, you might as well be in Naples.

19. Paulie Gee’s: Mr. Paulie Giannone and his crew have mastered the art of dough making and baking, but the toppings are what make these pizzas so special. Consider the Feel Like Bacon Love, which is topped with a bold Amatriciana-style sauce and fresh mozzarella, or the sublime Anise and Anephew, which has braised fennel fronds, guanciale, and anisette creme.

20. Rizzo’s Fine Pizza: Rizzo’s serves pizzas with extremely thin, crispy crusts. The pizzaioli know how to layer the toppings so that you still get that satisfying crunch when you take the first bite.

21. Roberta’s Pizza: Using Neapolitan-style pizza as a starting point, the Roberta’s pizzaioli top their pies with exceptional homemade mozzarella, house-cured meats, and locally-grown vegetables. Roberta’s is so much more than a pizzeria these days, but the pies are still some of the finest in the city.

22. Rose & Joe’s Italian Bakery: Rose & Joe’s serves a square slice that has a thick blanket of melted mozzarella atop a tangy layer of tomato sauce.

23. Sal & Carmine’s Pizza: Sal and Carmine’s has been serving up premium slices for over 40 years.  Sal & Carmine’s is still one of the best places for a slice on the Upper West Side.

24. Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano: For over 90 years, this storied Coney Island pizzeria has been serving thin crust pizzas topped with a simple tomato sauces and patches of silky fresh mozzarella. The crust has a char that may surprise diners who have never tasted real coal oven pizza before, and the toppings are delicately applied. Robert Sietsema says, “This place is simply the best pizzeria in the world, and well worth the sojourn on a whole host of trains to Coney Island.”

25. Zero Otto Nove: Roberto Paciullo’s Bronx trattoria serves wood-fired pizzas that have puffy brown crusts and pleasantly moist, floppy centers. Some pizza geeks think that Zero Otto Nove serves the finest example of Neapolitan-style pizza in New York.

At AMP3 PR we’re always preferential towards the old school classic pizzeria’s of NYC like Grimaldi’s & Lombardi’s, but one of our newer favorites is Rubirosa on Mulberry Street (mentioned in #6), as it does everything with the option for Gluten Free.

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Birchbox To Open An NYC Storefront

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Birchbox, the industry game changer and online seller of beauty boxes, is opening a brick and mortar location in the Soho neighborhood of New York this coming May 2014. The nearly 4 year old company, currently delivering monthly boxes of sample size beauty products to their subscribers doors, is not the first retail business to try to move from the digital space into the brick and mortar space (i.e. Warby Parker, Piperlime), but they are the first that, in many ways, doesn’t sell a complete product. While Warby Parker sells eye and sunglasses and Piperlime sells shoes, clothes and other accessories, Birchbox sells sample products that beauty companies generally just give away for free. So what will the storefront be selling, if anything?

Turns out they’ll be selling a lot. The 4,500 square foot space will soon be filled with nearly 2,000 products from around 200 beauty brands, all represented on the Birchbox website and through their monthly subscriber beauty boxes. Instead of creating a simple showroom for the brand, the space will offer a full on shopping and lifestyle experience. There will be vanities for testing products and a Build Your Own Bichbox (BYOB) section, where for $15 you can fill your Birchbox with samples of your choosing. There will be a floor just for classes on topics like makeup and skin care tricks and there will even be hair styling services.

In the end though, the Birchbox retail store will focus less on making money and more on interacting with and creating relationships with potential customers. It will be about helping current and future subscribers connect the dots between the Birchbox sample delivery experience and the choice to continue buying your beauty products through Birchbox and not a different retailer (i.e. Sephora).

When I first heard about the idea of the Birchbox retail storefront, I was pretty flabbergasted at the idea. How would this work? I couldn’t imagine how selling sample products would transition into a full retail experience, it’s just not the same or nearly as easy as Warber Parker opening a storefront to sell their glasses in. After doing further research though, it now makes 100% sense. Knowing that the goal is growth not profitability and that the store will act as a support for the online business, I’m now very excited to see how it all comes together and to take advantage of what aims to be an amazing customer experience.






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A New Shopping Center Will Open At Columbus Circle Station

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The Columbus Circle subway station will soon give way to a new shopping center. WWD has reported that the MTA plans to turn the labyrinth of tunnels within the station into a 30,000 square foot retail space to be dubbed, “Turnstyle’. The new shopping plaza will consist of 30 retail stores ranging from from fashion and beauty to accessories and gourmet food.

While no specific retailers have been announced yet, the MTA plans to have the shopping center up and running sometime in 2015. With the existing Shops at Columbus Circle, the Nordstrom set to open in 2018 and this new project, the area is primed to become a bustling new shopping hub.

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