Hello New York

  • I never imagined how daunting it would be to write my first blog entry.

    But I guess what makes this blog even more challenging than most is the fact that New York Buzz is a hybrid blog. It’s a cross between a corporate entertainment PR blog and a personal blog. And creating a balance between those two factors is what’s kept me up at night. On the one hand, I don’t want New York Buzz to come across as just another format in which a PR firm distributes jargon-heavy news releases. On the other, I want to make it clear that the entertainers, artists, and entrepreneurs that get mentioned in this blog are mainly our own clients. I also want readers to know that New York Buzz is not only aimed at influential journalists and bloggers – it’s also for the average New Yorker who’s interested in hearing about fun, new events in their city that they might not have heard about elsewhere.

    New York Buzz is also a platform for our readers and buyers to communicate their feedback on our clients’ products, gigs or services. We want nothing more than to know that you’ve had a good time at our clients’ show, or that you found our clients’ product useful. But we also want to know if you’re not happy, if you’ve got concerns, or if you’ve got suggestions. You will hopefully come to think of New York Buzz as an open source of information on AMP3’s clients. And by open, I mean open to discussion, comments, and debate. I will be sharing our clients’ products, services, and events, but I’ll also give you their stories and personal journeys, in the hopes that they’ll inspire you as they have inspired me.

    Welcome to New York Buzz.

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