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  • Elline Surianello

    Elline Surianello

    On April 29th, 2008, I sat down with Elline Surianello, owner of the LeMetric Hair Center in New York and asked her some questions that I thought her potential clients might want answered. If you have any other questions or concerns you’d like Elline to address, please let me know and I will pass it on to her. You can also reach Elline on her YouTube channel or blog.

    Termeh Mazhari: When were you diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia?

    Elline Surianello: I was 14, but I wouldn’t actually say I was diagnosed with it. There was nothing in the 70’s to give this [hair loss] a name. I knew, based on my mother’s hair and my father’s hair, that the likelihood that I would have good hair was slim. I didn’t know what androgenetic alopecia was until the 80’s. I just knew I had crappy hair!

    TM: How did LeMetric Hair Centers come about?

    ES: Out of sheer frustration! No one wanted to get involved with us. Dealing with hair loss was not a well received career option. I had selfish reasons for wanting to get involved with it because I had to do my homework to see what the other options were. And when I realized there were none, that’s when I decided to create my own hair loss solution and so I opened LeMetric.

    TM: How many hair styles can you create?

    ES: As many as there are! It depends on how much hair the client has. Clients come in without hair, and they usually don’t know what they can or can not do. So I suggest some options and hair styles. My background is in the fashion and beauty industry, so even though I’m not a hair dresser, I have an idea of how to make a woman look good, and then I have my established hair team to implement those ideas.

    TM: Can women who are hairless from Cancer treatments also wear LeMetric systems?

    ES: Absolutely. They just have to be attached differently. Basically, I just use non-toxic water soluble tape to attach them to the scalp if there is no existing hair to attach the system to.

    TM: What makes LeMetric hair systems different from wigs?

    ES: A wig goes all the way down to the neck and down the ears and it’s uncomfortable. It’s basically like wearing a hat! You can’t sleep in it, you can’t swim in it, you can’t live in it. LeMetric is only designed for the area that needs the extra hair and because it’s customized to the individual, it’s so comfy, you don’t feel the need to take it off. Most of my clients will tell you they aren’t wearing a piece, this is their hair, it’s part of their lifestyle, and they forget that it’s even there!

    TM: How long do they last?

    ES: Two to four years.

    TM: How can I get one?

    ES: You can come in to any of our branches for a consultation. Everything is done by consultation. We sit down and go through everything, including your particular hair needs and lifestyle, before creating a custom designed hair system for you. You just have to call one of our centers for an appointment.

    TM: How can I pay for it?

    ES: The hair systems can be paid out in two, four or even six installments.

    TM: Is it tax-deductible?

    ES: Of course! You can talk to your dermatologist for more information on that.

    TM: What are some of your future goals?

    ES: To set up workshops for women with hair loss, to reach out to women across the globe by spreading a message of empowerment and hope online through my blog and my YouTube channel.

    TM: What advice would you give to a woman with hair loss issues?

    ES: That she should treat it as any challenge in life and get as much information as necessary on her particular disorder. She should also be realistic as to what her expectations are. Many women I meet get hung up on the idea that the hair is going to come back, and unfortunately, that is usually not the case. It is also important to be aware that any physical, emotional or mental challenge takes adjusting. There’s no perfect solution for anything. There’s just a workable compromise. And when it comes to hair loss, it doesn’t just affect your exterior, all components come in to play; so it’s a matter of standing up and taking control of what’s going to allow you to push forward with your life.

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