Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  • This is another one of those shout-out posts (I should just create a Shout-Outs category and get it over with, since I’m sure there’ll be more to come…)

    This time, I’d like to thank some of the bloggers out there who’ve shown a lot of kindness and generosity towards me, even though I’m just a small-time (or rather, micro-time) blogger.

    Jim Horton
    I’d like to thank Jim, a senior director at Robert Marston & Associates and blogger for Online Public Relations Thoughts, for including my blog in his list of PR blogs. When I bugged him again to update the URL to my new domain, he immediately obliged. Since then, has been the number one referring site for New York Buzz. Thank you Jim.

    Kevin Dugan
    Back when I first started my blog (when it used to be on WordPress’s free platform), I asked Kevin, who runs the Strategic PR Blog and is a contributor for the (in)famous Bad Pitch Blog, if he would include New York Buzz in his blogroll. He replied saying he would take a look at my blog and add it to his list if it was appropriate. But he never did. I harassed him a few more times reminding him of his promise to look at my blog, but he never replied. Until last week when, out of the blue, I get an email from him in my inbox, which starts with “I’m like the turtle…slow and steady.” And all was forgiven 🙂 Even though he never did add my blog to his blogroll (I noticed he deleted his blogroll entirely) Kevin provided me with great feedback on my blog. Thanks, man.

    Craig Stoltz
    My first “encounter” with Craig was in July when I actually pitched him, on behalf of one of my clients. Craig is a web consultant and the author of Web 2.Oh…Really? (“A Skeptic’s Guide to Emerging Web Technologies”) which, by the way, was on’s Top 25 Blogs list (go Craig!). Craig politely let me know that he was not interested in writing about my client’s site. Being the stubborn publicist that I am, I pressed him for more information, asking him how he would suggest my client improve her site. To my surprise, Craig responded with a bullet-point list of recommendations! Earlier this week, I caught him on Gmail and sent him a chat message asking why he hasn’t covered the topic of CEO blogs. Craig said he’d shoot me an email. Moments later, he sends me another list of tips for CEO blogs and blogs in general! When I asked him what his thoughts were on the concept of my client’s blog, Craig continued to provide spot-on feedback. Thanks for taking the time to help me (and my client), without asking for anything in exchange.

    Tom Murphy
    Tom Murphy (who does PR for Microsoft Ireland) writes one of the best PR blogs out there (called Murphy’s Law). I approached Tom in July, asking him if he would add my blog to his blogroll. Tom not only added me to his blogroll, he took the extra step and mentioned me in one of his posts, saying “I got a great mail from Termeh Mazhari who works with AMP3 PR in New York and has launched a blog to get the conversation going. The more the merrier!” That fantastic blurb has been showing up in Google’s top 30 results for the keywords “AMP3 PR” and “Termeh Mazhari.” Thanks Tom!!

    Charles Knight
    Like Craig Stoltz, my first exchange with Charles Knight (the editor of AltSearchEngines, ReadWriteWeb’s network blog for about search engines) involved a pitch. I had actually contacted ReadWriteWeb a few times regarding a client, and my email was eventually forwarded to Charles who responded saying he’d take a look at my client’s site. When I promised him I wouldn’t follow up with him anymore, he replied “Squeaky wheel gets the grease!” So I confessed that I had recently received a couple uncalled-for nasty responses from bloggers, and so I wanted to lay low for a bit. Charles sympathized, but then gave me a piece of advice I haven’t forgotten: “Move on – the blogosphere is full of decent people.”

    Indeed, it is.

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    Kevin Dugan August 23rd, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    Hey! I think the conversation has been more valuable than the link. But a couple of points to mention.

    Blogging takes third place behind life and work. So it takes me twice as long to do things online than it should. My “lifestream” is offline, not online!

    My link blog is not on my blog right now as sitemeter was giving me fits. So I took down the whole sidebar.

    The linkblog will be returning as dedicated pages so I can do more and keep the home page a bit cleaner. That said, your odds are good that you’ll be added to it. 😉

    Finally, as you are setting up a client-focused news blog, have you considered contacting other PR bloggers about posting some of their client news as well. It is a question fraught with peril. But it could expand your content…if you wanted that. You could make it non-compete clients only. Something to consider. I’m client-side so it’s easy for me to throw that out.


    Termeh Mazhari August 23rd, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    haha…sorry my link isn’t valuable..but i’m getting there.

    but really, thanks Kevin for helping out.

    your idea about sharing my blog with other publicists is a very interesting (and, as you said, dangerous one).

    considering i named my blog New York Buzz, it would have to New York-centric press releases…but that would be direct competition. But I guess you think like Charles Knight, who considers them “collaborators” instead 🙂

    I will have to really think about that idea and see how I can implement it..but it’s a very interesting idea.

    Mark Cramer August 24th, 2008 at 12:40 am

    … and Charles Knight is one of the most decent.


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