Singer/Songwriter Dion Roy Releasing Two Singles on iTunes

Dion Roy

Dion Roy

Indie singer/songwriter Dion Roy is releasing his first two singles from his upcoming EP on iTunes. The electronica-tinged tracks, entitled “Come Back Around” and “Reconsider,” are catchy, heartfelt renderings of the ups and downs of a dysfunctional relationship.

I asked Dion what some of his favorite things were…

1. Favorite color?
Guinness Black.

2. Favorite restaurant dish in New York?
Filet Mignon at Freemans.

3. Favorite song?
Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley.

4. Favorite holiday?

5. Favorite dead person?
My grandpa Solly.

6. Favorite method of transportation?
Wakeboarding on a lake.

7. Favorite time of day?
One hour after I need to wake up.

8. Favorite sound?
A cello bowed in an empty room.

9. Favorite guilty pleasure?
So hard to choose, see answer 1, go to answer 1, repeat.

10. Favorite smell?
Markers. Though I forget why…..

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