7 Questions for the REAL Obama Girl

Amber Lee Ettinger Obama Girl

Amber Lee Ettinger Obama Girl

  • You’d think that the woman who starred in 2007’s “video of the year” would need no introduction. “I Got a Crush…on Obama” has garnered almost ten million hits over the past year, and yet most people still don’t know the Obama Girl’s name! But all that’s about to change.I sat down with Amber Lee Ettinger, the real woman behind the Obama Girl character and asked her about her upcoming album (yes, she actually sings), her experience at the DNC, and her plans for the future…

    TM: Were you surprised that the Obama Girl persona became such a viral hit?

    ALE: I think it’s pretty surreal. I never would have thought the video I did last June would bring me to the places it has brought me today. It’s truly been amazing.

    TM: How was the DNC?

    ALE: Hectic! I never expected fans running up to me and wanting to take a picture with me, and it was people of all ages! It was pretty cool to be surrounded by so many Obama supporters and be there while he received his nomination.

    TM: You’re releasing your first album in November, so how come you lip-synched the “Crush on Obama” song?

    ALE: When this idea came about last summer, the song was already written and recorded by Leah Kauffman. So I lip-synched the song and I think that’s what made it even funnier.  I think some people miss the fact that the Obama Girl videos are meant to be just that: funny!

    TM: I hear you can play the saxophone! When did you start playing? And will we hear it in your album?

    ALE: I started playing as a young girl. It may be on this album; you’ll have to wait and see!

    TM: If you could record a song with another artist, who would it be?

    ALE: I love so many different types of music and would love to record a song with my two favorite bands: Tool and Radiohead. I think it would be really cool and different and, as far as I know, they have never recorded with a female artist. On the other end of the spectrum, something with Jay-Z would be hot too!

    TM: Can you tell me anything that would surprise people about Amber Lee?

    ALE: Yes!  There is one rumor that I certainly want to clear up, and that is the one where I didn’t vote in the Democratic Primary.  It is true that I didn’t vote in New Jersey, but that is because I had voted in the Pennsylvania Primary!

    TM: So what’s next for Amber Lee?

    ALE: My mother and I are designing a line of jewelry called “Inspired by Amber.”  It is a mix of vintage and new one-of-a-kind pieces, all hand-made. We are doing a preview of the line this weekend, 9/6-9/7, at her store Remember When in Hazleton, PA.

    Beyond that, I’m also reading some scripts and may possibly be working on a great show for MTV!

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