The Well Planned Traveler – New York’s Itinerary Planning Service

the well planned traveler

the well planned traveler

Are you expecting guests for the holidays, but don’t have the time or energy to help organize their first trip to the Big Apple? Then check out The Well Planned Traveler – a local concierge service that charges $100 by the day. They’ll take care of everything for your guests. I chatted with founder Jodi Auerbach to learn more…

TM: So what exactly do you do?
JA: I am the founder and owner of The Well Planned Traveler. The Well Planned Traveler is a personalized itinerary planning service that guarantees for our clients an authentic New York City experience. Our team custom designs detailed itineraries based upon each customer’s interests, budget and specific preferences.

TM: What are the most popular requests?
JA: Family itineraries and girls weekend itineraries. Now that the holidays are approaching I have gotten a lot of requests for “Christmas in NYC” or “Thanksgiving in NYC” itineraries.

TM: What’s the most bizarre itinerary that you have organized for someone?
JA: I organized a bachelorette party that involved an all weekend scavenger hunt to the many of the racy haunts NYC has to offer.

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