Interview with Andrew Stern, co-founder of, the 3-D social networking destination


I caught up with AMP3 PR’s tech client Andrew Stern, one of the creators of – a new 3-D social networking site that caters to music lovers – and asked him about the site’s re-launch.

TM: What’s your role at RipLounge?

AS: I oversee all marketing initiatives and strategic partnerships for RipLounge.

TM: You’re re-launching RipLounge – what’s different about it today?

AS: We’ve added hip, new music spun by three virtual DJs across three virtual rooms (pool, yacht and bar). We’ve updated the notifications so you know when anyone requests you as a friend, writes to you, posts new content, is having a birthday or starts a new group. A centralized activity dashboard lists all of your notifications in chronological order when you login to the site. Additionally, when logged in, users are notified of all members and guests currently on the site and can communicate with them just by clicking on their icon. Users can now post multiple videos on their profile page and can comment on other member’s pictures. We’ve also updated some of the icons, colors and uniformity of the site.

TM: So what sets RipLounge apart from other social networking sites?

AS: We are the only social networking site that combines both traditional social networking with 3-D Virtual Worlds all without a download and completely free. We also have superior communication abilities which include video and VOIP chatting.

TM: Do you think social networking has reached its peak?

AS: No, especially on a worldwide level. Up until now it’s been popular primarily among American kids and students. Now, it is much more popular among adults and used for business networking purposes in addition to social networking. It is also taking off in other countries, especially Asia. We feel that we are close to the peak of static 2-D social networking here in the States and Internet users are going to be looking for a much more rich and dynamic experience – which is what we offer at

TM: What are your favorite social media sites and apps?

AS: I enjoy Facebook as you can find virtually anyone on there, but use it more as a tool for looking up people like a phone book. Once you are on the site, there isn’t a whole lot to do. They added chat functionality recently but it doesn’t work that well.

TM: One final question: MAC or PC?

AS: I’ve always been a PC guy. Mac makes great looking products and has better ads, but they haven’t gotten me to switch yet.

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