New York Buzz Featured In “Cool in Your Code”!

It’s raining cats & dogs over Manhattan right now, and yet I couldn’t feel sunnier. And it’s not because I just ate an amazing cinnamon croissant for breakfast – although that certainly helps. I’m excited, rather, because I got some great news this morning: my interview with Cool in Your Code was published today! New York Buzz is currently featured on the site’s “Around the Blog” segment! Click here to read.

Cool in Your Code – for those few who haven’t yet heard of it – is an Emmy-winning “infotainment” show that demystifies New York City’s 200+  zip codes and “unzips” the coolest destinations found in each ‘hood. Tune in on Tuesdays at 9pm on NYC TV.

With tools like Cool in Your Code and New York Buzz, there’s no shortage of info on cool things to do in the city. So get out and explore!

cool in your code

cool in your code

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