5 Questions for Charles Knight – Editor of AltSearchEngines.com



Termeh Mazhari: Why search engines?

Charles Knight: Power. Not “knowledge is power,” or using information to gain an advantage over others, but the power to know, well, anything.

TM: Do you have any favorite search engines?

CK: TagGalaxy: Search + functionality + beauty. How did he dream this up? There’s also ChaCha, of course. Cooliris is really cool, not Cuil.

TM: How have search engines evolved over the past few years?

CK: Search engines have evolved from general search engines to vertical search engines. Snooth the wine search engine, for example.

TM: What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about creating a search engine?

CK: DON’T CREATE ANOTHER ONE! The answer is this: combine the existing vertical search engines under a new, awesome homepage.

TM: What’s the weirdest search engine you’ve ever come across?

CK: Wow, that’s hard. MsDewey is certainly, uh, different! There’s also MizPee, the mobile search for clean women’s restrooms!
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