NY Daily News Columnist Shallon Lester Dishes the Dirt

I’ve always wondered what a gossip reporter looks like. I pictured them as ugly, hirsute bullies who’ve sold their soul in exchange for VIP party passes. Well, I recently met New York Daily News gossip columnist Shallon Lester – and she certainly didn’t look the part. She’s a slender, blond bombshell with a sharp wit and, yes, a conscience.


Termeh Mazhari: How’d you become a gossip reporter?

Shallon Lester: I kind of fell into it. I was an editor at FHM magazine and needed a change, and a friend suggested I apply at the NYDN. The editors here wanted to know 2 things: do I like to party and do I know a lot of people. Check and check!

Termeh Mazhari: Were you the gossip queen in high school/college?

Shallon Lester: It’s pretty much your only option when you’re the dorky friend not getting laid.

Termeh Mazhari: Do you ever feel bad for the celebrities you gossip about?

Shallon Lester: Sometimes. But nothing is for free. Sure, the average person doesn’t have to worry about their sex tape getting out or whatever, but celebrities don’t stress over health insurance or paying the electric bill. When celebs complain about fame, it’s a slap in the face to every hard working American struggling to make ends meet.

Termeh Mazhari: Is there anything you’ve written that you regret?

Shallon Lester: Oh sure. No matter what you write, someone’s always unhappy. Last year I wrote something fairly innocuous about hockey player Sean Avery being out on the town but he got in big trouble with the coaches. He still hates me, which sucks because I’d kind of planned to marry him. Guess I’ll have to start rooting for the Devils.

Termeh Mazhari: What aspect of your job do you think would surprise people?

Shallon Lester: The incredible pressure from both sides. A lot of times, you’re either betraying friends or disappointing your boss, neither of which are good. But it’s also surprising how much gossip comes from within a celebrity’s inner circle. And a lot of stuff comes from the celeb themselves. So many of them are just desperate for attention. Thank god or my job would be pretty tough.

Termeh Mazhari: Where’s the best place to spot celebs in NYC these days?

Shallon Lester: The STD clinic.  🙂

Check out Shallon Lester’s Double Agent vlog where she dishes the dirt on dating, sex and men.

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Daniel Durazo January 21st, 2009 at 11:38 pm

Thanks for this great interview. Shallon is the read deal, she tells it like it is. Better her than me, I like to be home by 10.


Daniel Durazo

Dickie January 22nd, 2009 at 2:28 pm

i agree. its great to hear that sometimes the people behind the celebrities are more fabulous than they are. she’s so gorgeous!


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