NewYorkBuzz Interviews Maegan Carberry on Obama, Politics and Celebs

Termeh Mazhari: I hear you went to the Inauguration. What was that like?

Maegan Carberry: It was like Political Prom. I want to say I loved being on the mall, but I was freezing to death and could barely see or concentrate on Barack’s speech. My favorite experiences were on Tuesday night. I went to the Neighborhood Ball, which emphasized the campaign’s commitment to community organizing, and it was beautiful watching Mariah Carey tear up singing “Hero” and then the First Couple’s first dance while Beyonce sang “At Last.” I also loved the Google party because it was subtly swanky, plus they had little igloo tents and Guitar Hero.

Termeh Mazhari: What change are you most looking forward to in the new Obama administraton?

Maegan Carberry: I’m excited to use I love watching how Obama’s team uses online tools to make it easier to connect within the movement and apply those relationships and that information to our real lives offline.

Termeh Mazhari: You’re also a co-host at Wilshire and Washington on BlogTalkRadio. Do you think celebs should stay out of politics?

Maegan Carberry: It bothers me when people disregard celebrity opinions. Just because a person is famous doesn’t mean he or she can’t be an active civic participant. *NOTE: I reserve the right to reverse position on this when talking about Chuck Norris.

Termeh Mazhari: Like a lot of journalists, you’ve made the transition from traditional print media to the blogosphere. Is there a future for print publications, or do you think media, as we know it, is dead?

Maegan Carberry: Print isn’t dead, but sooner than later its slice of the media pie is going to resemble an unappetizing Weight Watchers frozen dessert as opposed to the plump yummy one journalists have indulged in. Glossy pictures will preserve magazines and a lot of people still can’t imagine reading a novel on a kindle. The MSM is far from dead and it will be better off for this transitional period. New media technology has expanded on the essential work of traditional journalism and made it possible for people who consume news to have a more robust interactive experience.

Termeh Mazhari: My first encounter with you was over our shared love of fat cats. So which one’s your favorite (mine is Maru –

Maegan Carberry: Gotta go with my precious kitty, Scarlett O’Hara. She’s be furious if I picked another cat, and generally she prefers to be called “big-boned.”

Maegan and Scarlett

Maegan and Scarlett

Maegan Carberry blogs about politics, media and technology for the millennial generation at

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