Burju Shoes: New Dance Inspired Shoe Line Launches in NYC


Ok, so I’m not your average stiletto-totin’ Manhattan fashionista. You can find me in the Guinness Book under the section: World’s Most Difficult Feet. Whether I’m wearing flats, sneakers or stilettos, the skin on my feet aches and breaks and begs me to free them from the torture contraptions otherwise known as shoes. I didn’t get the nickname Barefoot Contessa for no reason. Stilettos in particular have been a leitmotif in my recurring nightmares of fashion inadequacy. I find myself envious of those stylish women who strut the harsh Manhattan pavements wearing no less than 4 inch heels, never betraying a hint of discomfort. But on Friday night, when these same ladies take their stiletto shoes dancing at the club, they get a taste of what I go through every day: the throbbing pain born out of blisters. But one Manhattan dancer and designer is offering a new solution for this common painful syndrome that afflicts so many NYC dance enthusiasts. Her name is Burju Perez and she’s the founder of the new shoe line, Burju Shoes, which specializes in creating custom-made dancing shoes that combine comfort with style.

I spoke with AMP3’s newest client about the inspiration behind her new shoe line, her passion for salsa, and the best dance spots in NYC…

Termeh Mazhari: What inspired you to launch your own shoe line, Burju Shoes…

Burju Perez: It’s pretty simple…I wanted my dance shoes to look as good as my fashion shoes and my fashion shoes to feel as good as my dance shoes.  So I merged the two worlds.  Now I want everyone to know that they can look good and still dance all night long.

Termeh Mazhari: Where does the name Burju come from?

Burju Perez: It’s a Turkish name.  Actually spelled Burcu but still pronounced with a ‘J’.  It means sweet fragrance. My parents thought I smelled wonderful when I was born.

Termeh Mazhari: You’re also a salsa instructor. What do you enjoy about salsa music and dance?

Burju Perez: I love the rhythms of Latin music, salsa in particular.  I’ve always been drawn to percussion rhythms and since salsa has Afro Cuban roots it was love at first sound for me. I also love that it has such range and versatility. Salsa has evolved with each decade and geographic location it’s passed through. From classic Son to Mambo, Latin Jazz to Salsa Romantica, to even remakes of classic pop songs by Michael Jackson and Sting into Salsa. I love the dance because it is something I share with my Puerto Rican husband. It is how we met and what we built our business on. I genuinely feel that it has really helped our relationship grow as strong as it is. It has helped us develop better communication and taught us how to working together no matter how challenging things get.

Termeh Mazhari: Where are some of the best places to dance in NYC (clubs, etc.)?

Burju Perez: Well, if you are a “salsa-holic” then you want to hit the underground parties we call socials. They are usually held at dance studios and fill up with dancers of all levels. Jimmy Anton’s Social is the longest running and most famous one in NYC.  People from all over the world come to dance there. The social run’s twice a month.  Salsa congresses are another hot location to not only dance your tail off but also take workshops from the world’s top instructors and see world class shows.  These happen annually.  New York City has a great one Labor Day weekend. As for clubs, Henry Knowles, a world famous DJ and event promoter, runs various nights and parties in the city that are definitely great places to go for dancing and awesome music.

Termeh Mazhari: Where can people buy your shoes?

Burju Perez: Currently the shoes are available online at www.burjushoes.com.


I’m really excited to try on a pair of her shoes next week. You can find me, and Burju, at the official New York launch of Burju Shoes on Tuesday April 21st at Nest (215 W. 28th Street). The launch will feature complimentary hors d’oeuvres, mini desserts and discounted shoes will be available for advance ordering. First 300 guests will also get a nice swag bag so hurry and RSVP to [email protected]!

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No Responses to “Burju Shoes: New Dance Inspired Shoe Line Launches in NYC”

Chelsea Lamberson April 19th, 2009 at 10:52 pm

This is probably the best idea I have ever heard of. I can’t believe someone did not come up with it sooner. I mean hot stiletto shoes mixed with comfortable dancing shoes is brilliant. I want to buy a pair of these. These shoes seem like they could be marketed to woman of all ages, starting with young girls all the way up through grandmothers.
I agree with the concept of mixing these two types of shoes.
It sounds like you have done a wonderful job marketing these shoes and the upcoming event. Also your website is very informative and creative. Nice job, I can’t wait to buy these shoes. You sold me on just the quick explanation you gave!

Termeh Mazhari April 20th, 2009 at 6:30 am

Thanks Chelsea!! I also think it’s a pretty brilliant idea and I can’t wait to try the shoes on tomorrow night at the launch in NYC!! Hope to see you there!!


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