Trish McEvoy’s Power of Makeup PA in Bloomingdales: A Recap

Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy

Last night, I attended my first Trish McEvoy PA. Before I explain what a PA is, let me give you a brief introduction to the queen of clutter-free makeup, otherwise known as Trish McEvoy. Trish McEvoy is a self-taught, self-proclaimed beauty maven who launched her own makeup collection with her husband, dermatologist Ronald Sherman, in the late 1970s. Her luxury (read: expensive) makeup brushes and her Holy Grail of organizers – called The Planner – made her a household name amongst beauty addicts across the nation. Trish and her team of makeup artists adhere to a “grassroots, one-woman-at-a-time approach” to teaching women how to apply makeup that suits their complexion, and how to keep their makeup organized. Trish and her team regularly hold “PAs” – or Public Appearances – such as the one she held the other night at the Bloomingdales branch in the Upper East Side.

I arrived at 530PM where a small gathering of Manhattan’s upper echelon of socialites and corporate suits were mingling and sipping on Champagne, gushing over Trish McEvoy. I overheard one woman confess:  “I’ve been wearing this stuff for so many years it’s almost embarrassing…since the mid 80s.” This would become a common theme throughout the evening where I noticed a sort of cult-like following to miss McEvoy’s products, especially her almost godly Planner.

Trish’s “trainer”, a perky brunette named Connie Lewis, explained to me that Trish does a “PA” every season, where she talks about the current trends in makeup and answers questions from the audience. She informs me that Trish developed the skincare line with her husband, Dr. Sherman, whose office she doesn’t quite know the address of, but she reassures me that it’s “somewhere on 5th Avenue”, as if to confirm his merit.

Shortly after I arrived, the team directs the herd to the elevator that whisks us up to the Train Bleu restaurant where the makeup seminar was to take place. Trish was already there, calmly greeting her obviously loyal fans with her warm, glossy smile. She wore a simple yet elegant outfit: a white flowy top and casual jeans, with her brown hair blown out straight and tousled over her gorgeous oversize turquoise earrings.

I quickly grabbed a seat at one of the elegant, round linen-clothed tables that were covered in Trish McEvoy products.  We were served more champagne and canapés by the Train Bleu waitstaff, and by 6pm, the show began.

Trish took the mic and introduced her “perfect model”: Kit Kat (aka “Kitty”), whom we’re told will be acting as our makeup model for the evening. She then turns to the crowd and raises the question: What do you like about makeup? The crowd was immediately engaged, responding to her initial question as though they’d been to all of her PAs. From hiding our flaws, to making us feel like we’re ready to take on the world – makeup seemed to play a pivotal role in the lives of these women. Trish then gave us a rundown of the evening’s topic: tips on the Spring/Summer season’s best makeup trends, and a demonstration that will reveal the “power of makeup.” She reveals Kit Kat’s age (51) to an echo of “oohs” and “aahs”. “But she looks so good!” someone screams. Exactly. It’s all because of the power of makeup, Trish replies, before prompting Kitty to remove all of her makeup so as to demonstrate, step by step, how we can recreate her youthful look:

Step 1: Brighten the upper eye lid using “Bare Eye Base Essentials”. By brightening the skin on the upper eye lid (which often gets darker as we age), it makes the eye look less tired and helps keep the shadow on all day, without creasing.

Step 2: Accentuate your brows, with the help of the Trish McEvoy Precision Brow Shaper Pencil. For women with thinner or non-existent brows, Trish explains, it’s important to draw in a natural brow as it helps frame the eyes.

Step 3: Define the eyes with her Eye Liner Powder Definer. During the summer time, you don’t want to use a strong liner, Trish says, unless you’re planning on the dressed up look. If you have an unsteady hand, she suggests placing your elbow on a table, and turning your chin up as you look in the mirror.

Step 4: Apply mascara. Her Lash Curling Mascara lengthens and curls the lashes and because it’s polymer based, she claims that it’ll never budge – no matter how much you sweat or cry.

Step 5: Brighten your skin, by applying some of that same eye brightener, the Bare Eye Base Essentials, to the area under your eye, where you get dark circles, as well as on the apples of your cheeks if you tend to get some redness there.

Step 6: Use foundation to even out your skin tone. Trish added some of her liquid foundation into a tube, which then – when pumped– would let out some foundation directly onto her Retractable Foundation Brush. Trish proceeded to warn the ladies of the danger of losing too much weight, which makes you look older (celebrities like Madonna have already caught on to this, and started filling up their cheeks for a more fuller, youthful looking face).

Step 7: Apply bronzer/blush to give your cheeks a warm, flush look. She applied the Dual Resort Bronzer (conveniently, both a bronzer and a blush) to Kitty’s cheeks.

Step 8: Apply a nude-toned lip gloss. First, she ran a deep nude liner around and slightly inside Kit Kat’s lips to make them appear fuller. Then, as a final touch: a swipe of her Irresistible Lipgloss, a bronze/nude-shade lipgloss that’s infused with reflective points to accentuate your lips.

“And that’s the power of makeup!” – she exclaimed, showcasing Kitty’s fresh new face to an audience of transfixed eyes and gasping mouths. Kitty’s transformation was obvious: she looked at least 5 years younger, and her face devoid of any relics of fatigue. Although the seminar did not teach this makeup aficionado any lessons I didn’t already know, it certainly reminded me that I needed to be more thoughtful and objective in my makeup selection, and it really drove home the message that makeup has a powerful effect over our mind’s perception and interpretation of those around us. After answering some final questions, we were taken away by Trish’s makeup team for our own personal makeover.

A gentleman named Dante escorted me to the beauty makeover section on the lower floor, and I plopped myself on the high chair, excited to try on Trish’s products for myself. Dante conscientiously applied layers upon layers of creams, serums, powders and glosses in order to give me (ironically) a natural look that appeared – as Trish herself promised – “effortless.” And indeed it did seem earthy yet fresh (see photo). My makeover done, I trotted out of Bloomies feeling ripe with confidence, and excited to take home a goodie bag filled with positive souvenirs of my very first Trish McEvoy PA.


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