Interview with Ramy Gafni, Celebrity Eyebrow Groomer


As the daughter of two Iranians, I obviously had it coming in the hair department. While having a full head of thick hair on my head is an obvious blessing, unruly eyebrows are all too often an unfortunate (and unsightly) component in the Middle Eastern woman’s genetic makeup.

So when I was asked if I wanted to get my eyebrows groomed by Ramy Gafni, a makeup and eyebrow expert to the stars, I was eager to meet this fellow Middle Eastern (Ramy is from Israel), an eyebrow purist who works only with tweezers.

I went to see Ramy at his Murray Hill shop last week and was surprised to see how intimate and cozy his little beauty center was. Ramy was modest, warm, and thoughtful in his approach and I didn’t hesitate in handing him the reigns to my brows.

He works swiftly, and effectively, pausing only to allow me to take a breath and to share quips on the oddballs he’s encountered in his shop over the years.

He tells me my eyebrows are “above average” and advises me to stop overplucking the hairs between my eyes (again, I blame my Iranian heritage which conditioned me to avoid the unibrow look at all costs!).

The final result is a smooth, clean, slightly angular line that adds a new definition to my face (see pic below). Before Ramy sent me off, he cautioned me to let the hairs grow out for at least 3 weeks without tampering with them. A challenge, for sure, but one that’s been surprisingly easy to stick to for 7 days and counting. Why? Because I trust the experts – and Ramy certainly earned my trust.


In my brief interview with him, I learned some more eyebrow grooming tips and asked Ramy who was his favorite celebrity client…

Termeh Mazhari: How do you define the perfect eyebrows?

Ramy Gafni: The perfect eyebrows are full with a strong arch. They fully frame the eyes and are strong, but not heavy.

Termeh Mazhari: Who has been your favorite celebrity client?

Ramy Gafni: There are three Favorites:

1. Britney Spears, because she was sweet and completely trusting. She let me work my magic without second guessing my every move and was very easy to work with.

2. Cher, because she is such an icon and was every bit as nice and cool as you would hope.

3. Julianna Margulies, because her brows are spectacular and she is the most down to Earth, sweetest celebrity you could ever hope to meet.

Termeh Mazhari: What’s your best advice on eyebrow grooming?

Ramy Gafni: Take a conservative approach if you’re shaping your brows yourself. The most common mistake is over-doing it. Also, do go to a professional at least once to get an objective take on how magnificent your brows can really be.

Ramy Beauty Therapy is located at 39 East 31st Street in New York City.

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