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Recently, I asked fans of The Used, and my own Twitter followers, to submit their questions for the band for their very first “Twitter interview”. Bassist Jeph Howard (aka Jepha) was gracious enough to respond.

@SavannahLove When you interview The Used ask Quinn the guitarist why he doesn’t dye his hair blonde anymore? LOL.

Jepha: Done. He says “I still bleach my pubes blond”. I guess that’s clears that up then.

@Rowan187 when you interview The Used ask them the three bands (current, dead, or broken up) they’d love to tour with

Jepha: Hey Rowan I know you, you’re from Alaska.  Well, I love James Brown and I’m not sure if it would be a good tour for us but I’d love to see the show haha. Also of course Weezer, Foo Fighters, Refused, Faith No More and Nirvana would all be more than awesome to tour with.

@melluci “OK. So, why do they say “quesidilla” at the very end of Smother Me? That’s my question! Thank you!”

Jepha: Long story but here is the short version during the recording of that record Quinn would say “Kayso” meaning “okay so”. Example- “kayso should I do this?” and either me or Bert would add “dilla” after he would say “keyso” soooooooo while recording guitar to a song he kept saying keyso and our producer Feldman recorded his voice from the acoustic mic in the room and we all chopped it up and he added a simple beat to the back haha.

@SerinaSenorita “what’s your favorite finger? Pinky, middle, ring, index or thumb?”

Jepha: My favorite finger is my pointer finger on my right hand because dad is actually missing half of that finger from a knife fight he got into when he was a young problem child haha. But if I had to lose one and could pick which one I’d pick my right hand pinky because I use it the least. Great question!

@madahne ask The Used if them will come to Brazil!

Jepha: Yes we loved playing in Brazil and for sure we will come back in 2010 hopefully sooner than later.

@madahne ask Bert if the lyrics of the new album are about self experience

Jepha: A lot of our songs usually end up being about Bert and his life. Good and bad. It’s sort of a therapy for him to release and open himself up like he does.

@madahne Tell Bert that he need to tweet more! But his backgroud is cool!

Jepha: That’s not the real Bert, this Twitter is the only real “The Used” Twitter and we only use this one. But I’ll tell him when I see him.

@tomchau How did they go about approaching their ‘Burning Down the House’ cover from the ‘Transformers 2’ soundtrack?

Jepha: We actually recorded that song for the WB 50th anniversary CD (called “Covered”), which is just Warner bands covering other Warner bands’ songs.  And the guys from Transformers loved “Pretty Handsome Awkward” which was in the first Transformers so they reached out to us and we showed them the cover and they loved it.

@StaceyyChubbs Will you be coming out after the gigs to meet fans?

Jepha: I 99.9% of the time come out and say hi unless I’m sick or have to do an after show interview.

Thanks to Jepha, and my Twitter followers, for participating in this first ever “The Used” Twitter interview!

The band is gearing up for the release of their next album, “Artwork,” scheduled to drop on September 1st, 2009. In the meantime, fans can download their new single “Born to Quit” on iTunes now. The Used have also announced a nationwide headlining fall tour which kicks off October 9th in Las Vegas, NV and runs through November 14th in Portland, Oregon.

For more info on The Used, visit their official site at or follow them on Twitter @wearetheused.

All media inquiries can be directed to AMP3 Public Relations at TheUsed(at)

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