Green Scout Report offers everyday green living tips and rates businesses on their sustainability practices

gsr_wordmarklogo is a newly launched online resource that provides weekly profiles of eco-friendly companies and sustainable businesses, as well as new green fashion or product releases. Think: Daily Candy meets Al Gore.

Founded by Justine Suh (image below), went live over the summer of 2009. Suh, a former luxury merchandising and product development executive for global Fortune 500 companies, is now a certified green business consultant, as well as a member of the Green Business League, and the U.S. Green Building Council. As a sustainable business expert, Suh advises companies on brand management and positioning, eco-purchasing strategies, and offers tips to improve their green business practices.

Justine Suh

After spending over ten years in the fashion industry, Suh became frustrated by the lack of “hip” resources for eco living and sustainable businesses. “I wanted the Green Scout Report to be a fun, modern resource that provides easy-to-digest green tips for both individuals and companies,” says Suh.

As the world prepares to navigate the unprecedented challenges of climate change, the Green Scout Report will profile companies and individuals reshaping their lifestyle or business for the benefit of the environment or charitable causes. GSR (abbreviated) will also provide tips and advice for businesses looking to think outside the box and reduce their carbon footprint. And as a fashion industry expert, Suh will counsel retailers on how to “unite style with sustainability.”

Green Scout Report will be updated at least once a day, with the week broken down into the following sections: On Mondays, Justine Suh will be commenting on global green news. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, GSR will feature a profile (with a Green Report rating) on a company’s green practices. On Wednesdays, the blog will offer tips and advice for retailers, as well as interviews with green-conscious retail and food stores. And Fridays will regularly feature a giveaway or contest, as well as news/opinions on green celebs.

For the definitive guide to being green, and staying in the loop on the eco-conscious movement, visit or check out Justine Suh’s video blog, which includes exclusive one-on-ones with NYC area green visionaries, at

Here’s a clip of Justine Suh interviewing Wine Library TV founder Gary Vaynerchuck on organic wines:

Justine Suh is represented by AMP3 PR. To book her for speaking engagements, green business consulting, and for any other press or advertising inquiries, email me at GSR(at)

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