Blazetrak: New Site Allows Users to Submit Demos and Get Video Feedback from a Professional


Since I joined AMP3 PR I’ve probably spoken with over a hundred different companies, often start-ups, calling our office looking to get PR, representation or brand management. Out of those 100 calls, only a small fraction typically convey a well thought-out business model, or give off an impression of – what I like to call – “knowing  one’s sh*t”. And out of that small fraction, an even smaller fraction of companies actually delivers the goods and effectively executes that original business plan. Blazetrak is one such company. Founded by Nate Casey, Corey Stanford, McKinley Joyner, and Ron Harrison (brother of the famed R&B producer Rich Harrison), Blazetrak is not only poised to eliminate the archaic practices of the A&R industry, but it also has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with the world around us.

How does it work? Let’s say Beyonce, for example, wants to put together her dance crew for her upcoming tour. She could use Blazetrak to accept all her demo submissions from dancers. And she’ll even get paid for it!  Which means that yes, if you want to submit your video demo, you’ll need to cough up whatever fee she decides to charge you to review it. But with that fee, you get a guaranteed VIDEO feedback response from Mrs. Jay Z herself, or your money back!

A faster, more efficient, and not to mention greener way of receiving/submitting  applications – Blazetrak’s unique and innovative platform gives celebrities and employers the opportunity to sift through talent, all while getting paid, and it offers the average Joe the once-in-a-lifetime chance to get directly in touch with his idol or dream employer!

As an online platform that brings together aspiring professionals with established professionals, Blazetrak is the ultimate digital people connector.

I spoke with Blazetrak co-founder Nate Casey…

Termeh Mazhari: How and when did you guys come up with the idea behind Blazetrak?

Nate Casey: Back in 2007, one of the Blazetrak co-founders was partnered up with a record label based in Atlanta called Dirty South Records.  They were receiving tons of demos…literally hundreds of mailed CDs.  They decided to see if they could find a way to slow down the flow.  They put a very small ad in Billboard magazine and posted on their website – for $35 they would listen to the material submitted and also give the person who submitted a quick call to respond.  Well, the response was overwhelming; obviously people were greatly incentivized by a guaranteed review.  In the end, I think the overall concept was born from the idea that people are tired of the brick wall that separates them from the professionals that can help make their dreams come true…or at least validate their talent.  I can personally think of so many instances in my life where Blazetrak could have been a critical step to validating my ability, or helping to create opportunity.  I am just so excited to see how this changes the realm of what is possible for people.

Termeh Mazhari: What are the common misconceptions that people may have about Blazetrak?

Nate Casey:

Misconception 1: “Blazetrak is just music”

Blazetrak is about getting you in touch with untouchables and/or experts in “their field”.  It is our goal to have Blazetrak participate in opening doors in every vertical you can think of.

Misconception 2: “We are trying to rip people off”

The partners built Blazetrak because we were tired of being ripped off and watching others experience the same.  Look…if you submit on Blazetrak, we cannot guarantee that you will like the critical review you receive back.  On the other hand we do guarantee a lot – your submission is directly exposed to the professional of your choice, you’ll receive a video response, and your response will be delivered within 30 days. We even tell you exactly what number you are in line.  So the 31st day comes and although you are debating requesting a refund – you might wait because you are number 2 in line.  We are not like other sites that make it difficult to request a refund. After the 30 days just click the “request a refund” and write a one line explanation – done.  Also – it is really important for people to understand that Blazetrak does not decide on the fee for requests.  The request fees are decided on by the pro that is making the request.

Misconception 3:  “Some of our Professionals are just in it for the money”

Our Professionals are some of the busiest people in the world.  Having spoken to dozens of highly successful people about Blazetrak – I can tell you one thing for sure – people become professionals because they are looking  for talent or something specific that’s created by someone talented.  Most of them look at the money as a bonus and also a way to keep “non-serious” people from wasting their time. In addition, they are professionals that have a real interest in giving valuable advice to people.

Termeh Mazhari: Who are some of Blazetrak pros, for instance, on the Blazetrak roster?

Nate Casey: We have an amazing roster of professionals. Some of the bigger names include: Big Boi from Outkast, John Rich (of “Nashville Star” / Big & Rich), Paul Worley (Country Music Songwriter/Producer), Rich Harrison (Grammy Award Winning Producer),  Bryan-Michael Cox (Award-winning Songwriter/Producer), Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins (Grammy award winning songwriter and producer), Carlene K (Celebrity Make Up Artist), Robin Antin (Creator of the Pussycat Dolls), Tara Conner (Miss USA 2006), and Doc Shaw (Disney actor).

Termeh Mazhari: How has Blazetrak been funded so far?

Nate Casey:  We received a 6 figure seed investment, and we’re also using personal funds contributed by the co-founders.

Termeh Mazhari: Why should a budding musician use Blazetrak? What are the key benefits?

Nate Casey: Direct exposure to an opportunity provider in just about any genre – the Professionals are creating their own specific requests.  So for example, if you are a producer it would make sense to submit to a professional that is looking to give feedback and or purchase production.  In this example, the unique benefit of Blazetrak is that you would be guaranteed a response from the Professional.  Also, our Professionals are huge in the industry and all very difficult to contact using conventional means.  So the main points are:

1.     The opportunity to find out what top professionals are looking for

2.    A guaranteed way to respond to the request of a professional

3.    Even if the professional does not utilize your talent – you still receive valuable feedback in the form of a score, possible typed response, and a guaranteed video response.

Termeh Mazhari: Why should a celebrity sign up to be a pro on Blazetrak?

Nate Casey: A celebrity should become a professional on Blazetrak for one main reason beyond all others – they are looking for talent (creative people or materials produced by creative people).  Other reasons might include – valuable expertise, raising contributions for their charity, a chance to advise people around the world, or as an occasional portal to reach fans.

Termeh Mazhari: How was it like working with Amber Lee Ettinger (the “Obama Girl”) in the Blazetrak promo?

Nate Casey:  It was actually a lot of fun.  We all love Amber; she has a great personality and was a real trouper even with the 90 degree heat that day.  We hope to have Amber be a part of our marketing efforts going forward.  We also hope that she will become an interviewer for us.

Termeh Mazhari: Does Blazetrak have any competitors?

Nate Casey:  We have competition but nothing I would call direct.  In the business world, Blazetrak would be considered “Blue Ocean”.  We studied the competition – played some mock Game Theory – figured out what was working for them and what was not working.  To say it boldly – we are not looking to compete with anyone – we are looking to reinvent this model and, in doing so, bring a great deal of value to our users and our professionals.

Termeh Mazhari: What other types of industry pros will Blazetrak be including?

Nate Casey: Pros in just about every industry you can think of – film, fashion, TV, sports, art, business, lifestyle, authors, chefs, press people, and on and on…

Termeh Mazhari: How will Blazetrak impact the A&R industry?

Nate Casey:

The whole process of looking for artists and repertoire will change.

1.    It will be made electronic

2.    It will be opened up to the world for submission

3.    The world will have a clue what the talent seekers are actively looking for

4.    Talent seekers will have amazing tools to help them archive and organize submissions instead of storing or throwing out hundreds of CDs a week.

5.    And the list goes on 🙂 launched on November 1st, 2009 in Beta. For all media inquiries, email Blazetrak(at)

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