Breakfast Event Showcases What’s New @ Barney’s


Last Thursday, June 14th, Barney’s teamed up with Harper’s Bazaar to host an event that showcased four up-and-coming lines of beauty products. The event lured ladies (who might otherwise lunch) to the top floor of Barney’s Madison Avenue store for breakfast. It started early- 8:30 AM- and promised expert beauty tips, free gifts, and the newest issue of Harper’s to its early-rising attendees.

The crowd that filled the 9th floor of Barney’s (and kept the skinny-tie clad waiters of Fred’s on their toes) was not disappointed. The panel – all designers behind the new brands at Barney’s; Sunday Riley, Radical Skincare, Arquiste Fragrance, and Claudio Riaz entertained and shared  distinct perspectives and expertise on beauty.

Simon Doonan, the celebrity face of the haute retailer, was also in attendance, as was  the lovely Glenda Bailey, EIC of Harper’s, who opened by gushing over the style and beauty of her readers in the crowd; a beauty, she noted as remarkably achieved before 9 am.

Things got down to the nitty-gritty, though, during the expert panel.

Sunday Riley shared her prescription to start anti-aging creams in earnest on one’s 21st birthday. She noted that puffy, tired eyes can age the look of “even a three-year-old”. Her own regime is made with botanicals inspired by her Native-American heritage and has become a fast favorite among celebrities and fashion insiders.

Liz and Rachel Eldich, the sister duo behind Radical Skincare, joked about starting their daughters out on anti-aging products at three and a half years old, and spoke candidly about the effects of sun damage.

Claudio Riaz, the internationally sought-after make-up artist with his own line of cult cosmetics, shared his deepest desire to walk down the streets of New York with a “make-up tool belt” and BLEND painted faces.

Before event guests had a chance to crowd the bathroom mirror for an en-masse ill-blended-make-up-and-droopy-eyes-check- the floor turned to Carlos Huber.

The fragrance designer explained how for him the sense of smell overpowered sight. Each of Huber’s perfumes is designed to capture a specific time and place, and not just vaguely. Before designing fragrance, he was as an architect in historic preservation. The inspiration for each Arquiste scent is grounded in detailed research.

The ancient city of Tenochtitlan in August 1400, in the form of little atomizer tucked into the event’s giftbag, awaited each guest at the panel’s end.

This event goer spritzed a little on right away. Just in case, though, amidst being carried away by my scent to an undiscovered Aztec city, someone should notice the effects of stress and smog on my skin, there was a Radical Skincare eye crème and some super lux Claudio Riaz and Sunday Riley make-up tucked away in there, too.

Stay beautiful, New York.

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