Tag You’re It: Banksy Bomb’s NYC

Graffiti bomb’s that is. The famed British street artist Banksy has spent the last month in NYC, and signs of his presence have been popping up all over the city.  A little graffiti here, some mobile street art there.  If you know Banksy’s work, then you should keep your eyes peeled, you may catch a glimpse of his work before it gets transformed by other street artists. As street artists go, Banksy is a master performer and the media love him.  By keeping his identity secret he drives that sense of mystery and has created a brand in and of himself.  His pr stunts are legendary, and this one is no different.  Yesterday morning a crowd of 50 people were gathered on the UWS taking pictures of one of his latest tags and discussing what the meaning behind it could possibly be.  Most interesting in all of this (to me anyway) is that 2 Saturday’s ago he set up a cart in central park to sell original art work for $60 a pop.  Of course the man, the myth, the legend was not there (and even if he was, who would know?!?), and so people assumed the pieces were just replicas and only 6 were sold.  But that also means that 6 lucky individuals walked away with original Banksy pieces, which can run you over 1 million dollars at auction. In terms of self promotion, Banksy is king, and no one even knows who he is.

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