The Greatest Black Friday “Sale” Of All Time

Today’s blog post is totally unrelated to New York City, but as far as PR stunts go, it’s top notch so I’m spreading the word.

This past Friday, Black Friday as you may be more familiar, everyone’s favorite party game “Cards Against Humanity” turned the biggest sale day of the year on it’s head.  While everyone else dropped their prices, CAH raised the price on all of their products by $5.  For one day only.   And people still bought them. In fact Black Friday sales in 2013 were exactly on par with sales in 2012.  Not only that, but Saturday sales were especially high compared to last year, from all the buzz that was built around their humorous take on Black Friday “sales”.

So where did the idea come from?  As a small start-up company, CAH couldn’t afford to drop their prices to compete with all the other noise in the market. Instead they decided to use humor and do something crazy.  Initially they were going to offer 1 cent off coupons, but decided to stick with their long standing policy of no deals, discounts or sales.  Instead, they decided to  have a massive laugh and poke a little fun at a day based solely on consumerism.  In fact on the temporary landing page for the day, the purchase button simply said “consume”.

This simple funny stunt garnered them press from The Guardian, USA Today, BuzzFeed, and AdWeek (to name a few).

Read more about the stunt here.

-Ashley, AMP3


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