It’s A Sad Day For New York Magazine

New York Magazine, a staple for most New Yorkers, will be ending its status as a weekly magazine when it cuts its publication from 42 issues a year to just 26 come March 2014. On the bright side they’ll still print 3 special editions each year, the best doctors, the annual gift guide and the food & drink issues.

The decision to cut the number of annual issues nearly in half seems to have come after a lot of serious thought and consideration over the best thing to do for the magazine as a whole. As ad dollars continue to decrease and revenues take a hit, offering fewer issues will hopefully allow them to ultimately keep their same standards and create strong powerful magazine.

As long as the magazine is still available, I’m pretty OK with this decision and understand that times change and businesses need to change with them. In fact ultimately I’m a bit excited by the prospect of fewer but thicker issues.

-Ashley, AMP3

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