The 5 Best Holiday Decorated NYC Restaurants

If you’re spending your 2013 holiday in NYC, or want to get some added holiday spirit before you take off for parts unknown, consider  hitting up one of these 5 great restaurants that put a little extra “ho, ho, ho” into their holiday decorations.

1. Rolf’s German Restaurant: Rolf’s is a German restaurant that takes holiday decorating to the extreme.  It’s kitschy and amazing and at the top of our list.

2. The Breslin Bar & Dining Room: Come here for beautiful lighting and tchotchkes and little more class.

3. The Nomad: If you can even get a reservation at this still-in-high-demand restaurant, then there’s no better time than the holidays where you can see the best restaurant Christmas tree in NYC, which is found in The Library at The Nomad.

4. Old Town Bar: This watering hole/restaurant is a personal favorite and thankfully they don’t go too crazy with decorations, it’s just the right amount of festive holiday cheer.

5. Gotham Bar & Grill: To really class things up, hit Gotham. No question about it, it’s the most expensive place on this list, and the Christmas trees and wreaths are just an added bonus.

-Ashley, AMP3

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