The Hottest Boutique Gyms & Hottest Workouts in NYC

Thanks to our friends at Racked NY, we have a new Top 12 list of the hottest boutique fitness studios in NYC and the hottest workouts that they offer.

1. Exceed Physical Culture: A single class at this UES studio will run you $32 but you’ll get an amazing combination of strength training, cardio, and high intensity intervals that will target your whole body to bring on the burn.

2. Studio AKT/NYC: This uptown studio specializes in a high-energy dance mix of cardio, toning, and strength training. Classes are said to be both fun and sexy and have been vetted by celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa. Classes will run you around $35.

3. The Fhitting Room:  High intensity training and small class size make this gym a win.  Classes revolve around tools like kettlebells, rowers, medicine balls, and suspension trainer. Classes are $35.

4. Brick New York: This studio offers everything from traditional CrossFit to Olympic Lifting and Yoga.  Members claim to be in the best shape of their lives. Classes are $32.

5. Swerve Fitness: For competitive indoor cyclists, this is the city’s only studio where you ride in a team. Rate Your Burn calls it one of the 20 hardest classes in the city.  Classes start at $30.

6. Revolve: This spin studio offers 3 different types of rides depending on the type of workout you’re in the mood for and classes start at just $25.

7. Lyons Den Power Yoga: A yoga studio started by one of SoulCycle’s first instructors, it’s the only studio in the city to offer Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga in the Baptiste Yoga Method. Classes are offered in both a 60 minute and 90 minute session and start at just $24.

8. Aqua Studio: It’s exactly what it sounds like, an underwater cycling studio.  The water resistance allows you to challenge all parts of your body in the four foot pool. Classes start at $40 ($34 for your first class).

9. Soho Strength Lab: Started by former Equinox trainers, this studio is dedicated to personal training and group fitness.  The space includes a strip of athletic turf for sprints, and intense classes like Soho Burn, Soho Sweat, and Soho Swoll. Classes start at $38.

10. Torque Cycling + Fitness: This Williamsburg “spin gym” allows instructors free reign to teach in their own style. Classes include straight cycling, yoga/cycling, and outdoor yoga on their back deck.  Classes start at $24 for spin and $13 for yoga.

11. Brooklyn Bodyburn: This studio is known for it’s Megaformer, an epic piece of equipment that sculpts your entire body.  Classes are split into small groups and fuse Pilates, strength training, and cardio.  They start at $33.

12. Syncstudio: This Brooklyn studio is for “normal people with normal lives who are active”. It offers cycling, yoga, circuit and personal training. Day passes are just $25.

-Ashley, AMP3

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