The 15 Best Movies of 2013 (And The One NYC Movie Theater You Should Probably See Them At)

*As chosen by our friends at DailyCandy.

1. Ain’t Them Bodies Saints: A modern day Bonnie and Clyde tale that we’re dying to see.  Missed it in the theater but definitely will be catching it On Demand.

2. Frances Ha: an homage to Woody Allen and French cinema. We’ve heard great things, but personally this one was a little too high brow for us (thanks black & white).

3.  Dallas Buyer Club: An incredible (and a bit depressing) HIV survival story, set deep in the heart of Texas.  Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto crushed their performances and both deserved those Golden Globes they won.

4. The Wolf Of Wall Street: Wall Street Excess at it’s…best…worst…I don’t even know.  Congrats to Marty, Leo, Jonah and The Duchess of Bayridge, see this movie now.

5. Short Term 12: SXSW Audiance Award winning film.  Haven’t heard of it but we’re adding it to the On Demand list.

6. The World’s End: You can’t miss with this Edgar Wright directed apocalyptic pub crawl.

7.  The Spectacular Now: This coming of age love story has been on our short list since the summer. It’s finally time, we have to make a viewing happen.

8. Trance: Another one that slipped our radar but this art heist story is directed by Danny Boyle and stars Vincent Cassel and James McAvoy, so we don’t know how.

9. Fruitvale Station: The true story of a fatal bay area subway shooting, featuring a breakout performance by Michael B. Jordan.

10. Frozen: Who cares if it’s a kids movie from Disney, it’s at the top of our list.

11. Gravity: This mind bending space odyssey is a must see for the cinematography alone…and yet there’s so much more than that.

12. Inside Llewyn Davis: The Music. The Cat. The Coen Brothers. Enough said.

13. 12 Years A Slave: Almost tortuous to watch at times, this latest movie from director Steve McQueen is as difficult and as necessary to see as all of his past films (Hungar, Shame, etc.)

14. American Hustle: Love, hustling, the mob, and all those clothes. This one gets an A in our books (also thank god for Jennifer Lawrence in this world).

15. Her: A 2 hour weirdo love story. We’re hitting the theater tonight to check this one out.

And the one theater that you must go to in NYC is the AMC Loews on Broadway btwn West 83rd & 84th Streets. With fully reclining leather seats, it’s the most comfortable theater in the city.

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