NYC Subway Could Become Much Easier On The Ears

Musician James Murphy, formerly of LCD Soundsystem, want’s to change the way the morning commute sounds.  As the MTA moves forward with plans to transition the subway turnstiles from swipe and ride to tap and ride, Murphy has an idea that will make the whole experience a little easier on the ears.

Murphy calls the current turnstile noise an “out of tune cacophony” and has spent the last 15 years crafting a low-cost musical solution.  He has worked out a unique set of notes for every station, one of which would sound each time a passenger swipes or taps his or her MetroCard to catch a train. The busier a station becomes, the richer the harmonies would be. The same notes would also play in a set sequence when the subway arrives at that stop. Each of the city’s 468 subway stations would have note sets in different keys.

As the MTA embarks on a $900K project to improved passenger flow, and a separate project to transition to a tap system, Murphy believes that this is his chance to move forward with the changes he’s been working towards.

Watch the video below to hear James Murphy discuss his idea:

Follow this link to sign the petition to implement the Subway Symphony:

-Ashley, AMP3


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