Happy Hour at David Burke Fishtail

A little happy hour rose at David Burke Fishtail

A little happy hour rose at David Burke Fishtail

Last night I met a friend for happy hour and left our meeting location up to her, she chose David Burke Fishtail.  I was a bit skeptical of the choice, having lived on the UES of Manhattan for many years, I’d walked by the restaurant dozens of time and never been in, the “David Burke” in the name always made it seem too fancy.  Now that I’ve moved to Brooklyn, I figured why not give it a try, plus my friend revealed to me that Fishtail is far more casual than it seems and has an incredible happy hour, so I had to check it out.

What a pleasant surprise it was!  Happy hour at Fishtail takes place in the downstairs lounge everyday! And what a crowd, such an interesting hodgepodge of people catching up with each other.  There was a sweet older gentleman to my right reading the paper and enjoying the $7 happy hour burger and then a huge crew of 20-30 something’s to my left enjoying post work cocktails. Fishtail is definitely my type of place for the people watching alone.

Cute & creative cocktail napkin at David Burke Fishtail!

Cute & creative cocktail napkin at David Burke Fishtail!

After settling in at the bar, my friend and I started with one of the drink specials, $7 glasses of red, white or rose wine. We chose the rose. It was crisp and delicious and exactly what I was looking for after having walked clear across town from NY Tech Day at Pier 92 (these days I’m all about getting my steps in on my Fitbit).  Eventually we got hungry and decided to order some snacks. While the $7 burger is the best deal in the house, we chose lobster dumplings and artichoke flatbread.  Both were delicious.  The lobster dumplings were succulent and delightful, soaking in a little bowl of thai spiced butter. The artichoke flatbread was hearty and delicious, covered in gruyere cheese, artichokes, arugula, asparagus, and a light sprinkling of bacon.

Though we stuck with the rose this time around, the happy hour offers many other drink specials including $5 beer & sangria and an array of bar bites.  This is one happy hour I look forward to going back to, and that said, I’m also now looking forward to going back to experience the full menu.

Happy hour at David Burke Fishtail is from 3-7pm Monday-Saturday and 12-7pm on Sunday. The restaurant is on 62nd Street between Park & Lexington.

Ashley Lutzker

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