BeeHive Oven in Williamsburg

BeeHive Oven, Williamsburg, AMP3 PR, NYC, Lifestyle PR, Fashion PR

Popular Smorgasburg biscuit vendor BeeHive Oven recently opened a brick & mortar location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and after a particularly grueling Flywheel class a biscuit was just what we needed to get back on our feet so we headed on over to check it out.

BeeHive Oven, NYC, Williamsburg, AMP3 PR, lifestyle PR, fashion pr

Located at 182 South 2nd Street, the new restaurant is cozy and welcoming from the sidewalk.  When we arrived we went straight for the bar to order our biscuit with fried chicken, fresh tomato and mushroom gravy, but there are a number of tables you can make yourself nice and comfortable at as well.  While biscuits are the name of the game at BeeHive Oven, the menu has a variety of other options to choose from.  The yummy daily specials include shrimp and grits (a favorite of ours) and chicken pot pie (with a biscuit top). BeeHive Oven is new to the neighborhood and still working out the final kinks, but the price is right and boy is it yummy, definitely worth the visit.

BeeHive Oven, AMP3 PR, Williamsburg, NYC, Lifestyle PR, Fashion PR

What to know about Beehive Oven: The restaurant was founded in 2013 by Treva Chadwell and her husband John and reflects a heritage that spans generations. Chef Treva Chadwell, while classically trained at the Institute of Culinary Education, learned how to make the best heritage meals with her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother as well as with her father in his restaurant and catering business. Treva has spent the last five years as a recipe developer, tester, cookbook consultant and stylist for the Food Network,, the Today Show and many others. Treva is recognized as one of the best recipe developers and food stylists in NYC and has devleoped over 2,000 unique recipes. Of all of these, Treva’s biscuit was the recipe that all the other chefs wanted.

Come find out why for yourself!

By: Ashley Lutzker

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