Famed Brooklyn Jewelry Boutique Catbird Is Opening A Wedding Annex

Catbird, the shoebox size jewelry boutique on Bedford Avenue, has announced that they are opening another location a few blocks away on Driggs Avenue to cater to their booming wedding and bridal business.  The new shop will offer an additional 200 square feet of space and is set to open on September 26th.  The hope is that this additional square footage will cut down on some of the chaos in the original outpost by strictly catering to the engagement ring and wedding band crowd.

In the last year Catbird has seen their popularity skyrocket as they’ve been repeatedly featured in all the top magazines and worn by dozens of celebrities and tastemakers.  As a marker of their popularity, consider that they currently have a collaboration for sale on pre-order with J.Crew online (who only choose to collaborate with the coolest brands).

Catbird has become known for their unique yet delicate pieces made from precious metals and stones.  We would go so far as to say that right now, they are the epitome of cool when it comes to jewelry brands, especially with the current ring stacking trend which hits on one of their most signature pieces.

In addition to their in-house jewelry line, Catbird sells a range of carefully curated pieces from other designers.

The Catbird boutique is located at 219 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211 .

Check out a few of our favorite Catbird designs below!

By: Ashley Lutzker

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