The NSA Now Brings You: Spy Summer Camp


First and foremost, pardon my absence from this blog, it’s been a crazy few weeks at the office and every time I though up a great post, something more urgent managed to get in the way.  But here we are again and I have to apologize a 2nd time because this latest post has nothing to do with NYC, yet seems super buzzworthy to me.

Have you heard about NSA spy summer camp? Yes, you heard that right, it’s a real thing.  NSA recruiter Steven LaFountain announced on CNBC, that this past summer the NSA created a half-dozen summer camps around the U.S. run by the NSA.  In case you didn’t know, the NSA is the leading spy agency in the United States and now kids as young as 13 are trading in arts & crafts and archersyto have a chance to train with high-level programming experts and learn how to prevent cyber attacks and security breaches.

Ok, ok so basically it’s a high octane computer camp, but a computer camp run by the NSA.  Said LaFountain, “We’ve come to the realization that we need to reach back further than college to get kids interested in cybersecurity, so just this summer, in partnership with the National Science Foundation, we created a program we’re calling ‘Gen-cyber,’ sponsoring cyber-related summer camps for middle and high school students around the country.”

Basically the NSA is recruiting the youngest and brightest tech minds in the country so that they can hone their skills in a safe, stable environment and keep them from becoming future nefarious evil master minds.

I have to say, I was really into spy stuff as a kid, more so CIA style espionage.  I thought being a spy would be sooooo cool but as I got older I forgot about my childish spy dreams.  That said, I wasn’t so much into computers but had there been a spy camp for all the other facets of spy training (I’m talking combat, deception, espionage, etc.) I would have totally been all in and perhaps may have followed through on my childhood dream.

By: Ashley Lutzker


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