Outdoor NYC bars that we can’t wait to hit up

This was a rough winter (Yeah Stella, we are looking at you) but Spring has finally sprung in NYC and it couldn’t come a moment too soon! So bring on the warm sunshine, cute dresses, and outdoor fun!

And speaking of cocktails, er I mean outdoor fun…

We can’t wait to hit up the city’s best outdoor bars. There are so many to choose from; our Spring and Summer will certainly be very busy. We’re pretty excited to try some new places but sometimes you just need a tried and true favorite because if ain’t broke? If you’re in the market for a reliable outdoor bar, here are a couple that we already LOVE and will be kicking off the season with.


Grand Banks

The Grand Banks is an oyster bar aboard the historic wooden schooner, Sherman Zwicker. With nautically inspired cocktails and a killer view of the Hudson River, this is a no brainer! The season officially kicks off on April 15…not that we’re counting or anything (but we are).


Gallow Green

Perched on the rooftop of Chelsea’s McKittrick Hotel, Gallow Green is a glorified garden party with delectable cocktails and punch by the bowlfuls (actually though). Step into this green getaway and forget that you are in the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. Although technically open year round (the brunch is to die for), the Spring and Summer season is when it really comes alive. It will be open air for the season in late April, although the schedule hasn’t been finalized yet. Still, you can bet that we’ll have our eyes and ears open…like really open.


Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

Prost! Beer gardens were literally made for Spring and Summer. We really can’t get enough of them, and one of our absolute favorites is the Bohemian Hall in Queens. It’s the oldest beer garden in New York, and one of the largest outdoor drinking venues in the city. In addition to a cold mug of beer (the selection is insane), enjoy a variety of mouthwatering Czech food and more! Totally worth the trip into Astoria.


Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar 

The Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar is an absolute must. Soak up the sun and take in the stunning views of lower Manhattan while enjoying their famous Prosecco & Ice Pop cocktail and other unique drinks. The Loopy Doopy Bar is located at the Conrad Hotel and opens on April 1st, so mark your calendar and we’ll see you there, Prosecco & Ice Pop in hand!


The Frying Pan

The Frying Pan is not what the name suggests, unless you’re thinking it’s a historic floating barge and lightship. Don’t worry, if you were thinking that it’s an outdoor food and drink venue, surprise, it’s both! Can you tell that we have a thing for drinking on boats? The Frying Pan will be starting its season shortly, anticipating some weekends in April and daily operations beginning on May 1st. Keep an eye on their FB page to stay updated!


Met Roof Garden Cafe and Martini Bar

A rooftop garden and martini bar on top of the Met, could you get more fancy? Here you will swoon over gorgeous views of Central Park and the Manhattan Skyline. Throw in some food and martinis and we are sold! The Roof Garden Bar opens back up in May.



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