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What is New York Buzz about?

New York Buzz is a blog that reaches out to New Yorkers who want to hear about cool new happenings in their city (and beyond). Anyone who has a cool New York event they want to promote can just shoot us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll consider featuring it!  So much of what you experience in New York City is about word of mouth, so we’re relying on you guys, our readers, to tell us about the next greatest thing we need to check out in NYC!

Who is it for?

New York Buzz is for people who want to hear about fun and interesting new stuff that’s going on in their city. Specifically related to Events, Fashion, Lifestyle and New York City in general. (Tourist Tips are most welcome!)

Who is behind New York Buzz?

This blog is primarily maintained by a group of New York City based Fashion & Lifestyle publicists at a pr firm in New York City, but over the years we have expanded to include many talented guest contributors.  So much of our job includes being out and about in New York City, and staying in the loop of the next big thing our glorious city has to offer.   As such, we created this blog as a way to share the people, places and things we discover while we’re pounding the pavement for our clients.  We noticed a trend that our friends & families were always coming to us for ideas on where to make dinner reservations for their fancy out-of-town friends, or how to entertain their parents for a long weekend.  So we figured, who better to run a blog about the best things in NYC than a group of publicists who work in the industry all day, every day!?  Full disclosure: this blog is NOT a one-way PR vehicle aimed at endorsing our clients or their products. Yes, New York Buzz will feature our own news and events from time to time, but mostly, this blog gives us a way to tell the stories of the non-clients who cross our paths in our daily New York lives.  Opinions are our own.

How can I contact you?

You can always reach us via email at [email protected].  We’re open to pitches, suggestions, feedback, and criticism. So bring it on!

Submit your Guest Post ideas / Blog Post Submission Guidelines:

If you would like to Submit to Us, Write For Us, or send Guest Post Submissions for our blog we are currently accepting submissions. We do not accept Pharma, Casino, Adult, Spam, excessive links or non related topics.

Minimum 400+ Words, No Excessive Links (1-2 DoFollow is ok), No Spinner content, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, and the articles and above all submissions must provide value to our readers.


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